2010.07.17 3 songs. almost 4
as the title suggested. sang 3 songs last night, tried to upload them but singnet was being bitchy so I got tired and went to bed instead of singing the 4th song.

a revisit to Beyond the Realm of Conscience, now the full song;

another revisit to discotheque, amazingly i still remember [almost] how to sing it =O

naraku no hana;

enjoy ;D
blame roro, she posted a youtube link of the OP in facebook and I looped it 5 times before attempting to sing this lol. Warning; i don't speak cantonese

http://www.box.net/shared/djk4ioeu7h enjoy or suffer, i dunno whichever comes first i guess lol.
2010.06.18 random june

I just finished this ;D ... yes yes it took me months.

cos I was playing Plants vs Zombies \O/ ;

cool.jpg insane.jpg

Went on a 5 day trip to Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuxi =3

On the plane to Shanghai, Pudong International Airport. Lunch for the day =3 love the cheese cracker!! It was a cloudy day and we encountered a few bumps along the way.

IMG_3718.jpg IMG_3720.jpg IMG_3721.jpg

Touch down at Pudong International Airport. On the mini-van =3 I don't know what bridge is this, there are many bridges there o.o The drivers were damn crazy there as well, cars overtake without signaling and they love to honk.

IMG_3724.jpg IMG_3726.jpg IMG_3731.jpg

Dinner that night, it was okay. Went to watch a show at Zhou Zhuang after that.

IMG_3738.jpg IMG_3746.jpg IMG_3751.jpg

Hotel room for the night. The next morning =D, awesome pond with cute fishes.

IMG_3754.jpg IMG_3755.jpg IMG_3756.jpg

The breakfast buffet ... uuughh I don't like the food there. 9 out of 10 motorists don't wear helmets. The other 1 wears a hat. Visiting a rich person's mansion.

IMG_3757.jpg IMG_3758.jpg IMG_3763.jpg

The door was layered with stone to protect the wooden doors from fire when it spreads or something. A bunch of expensive rocks/stones. A nice close up of a crane, pine tree and bats on the corners.

IMG_3767.jpg IMG_3772.jpg IMG_3773.jpg

An awesome pond in the mansion! Next, went to visit a silk factory ... I poked the silkworm ewww. Hmmm.

IMG_3774.jpg IMG_3780.jpg IMG_3783.jpg

Went to a temple after that, nice architectures.

IMG_3785.jpg IMG_3794.jpg IMG_3801.jpg

Lunch was ... okay I guess. Went to the set of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and toured around the Wuxi lake.

IMG_3809.jpg IMG_3817.jpg IMG_3823.jpg

A short boat trip on the Wuxi lake. Dinner after that wasn't filling so we went to KFC and bought burgers \O/

IMG_3828.jpg IMG_3841.jpg IMG_0174.jpg

Part 2 coming up soon when I like it ;D

Hotel City combined with L4D hahaha