Went on a 5 day trip to Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuxi =3

On the plane to Shanghai, Pudong International Airport. Lunch for the day =3 love the cheese cracker!! It was a cloudy day and we encountered a few bumps along the way.

IMG_3718.jpg IMG_3720.jpg IMG_3721.jpg

Touch down at Pudong International Airport. On the mini-van =3 I don't know what bridge is this, there are many bridges there o.o The drivers were damn crazy there as well, cars overtake without signaling and they love to honk.

IMG_3724.jpg IMG_3726.jpg IMG_3731.jpg

Dinner that night, it was okay. Went to watch a show at Zhou Zhuang after that.

IMG_3738.jpg IMG_3746.jpg IMG_3751.jpg

Hotel room for the night. The next morning =D, awesome pond with cute fishes.

IMG_3754.jpg IMG_3755.jpg IMG_3756.jpg

The breakfast buffet ... uuughh I don't like the food there. 9 out of 10 motorists don't wear helmets. The other 1 wears a hat. Visiting a rich person's mansion.

IMG_3757.jpg IMG_3758.jpg IMG_3763.jpg

The door was layered with stone to protect the wooden doors from fire when it spreads or something. A bunch of expensive rocks/stones. A nice close up of a crane, pine tree and bats on the corners.

IMG_3767.jpg IMG_3772.jpg IMG_3773.jpg

An awesome pond in the mansion! Next, went to visit a silk factory ... I poked the silkworm ewww. Hmmm.

IMG_3774.jpg IMG_3780.jpg IMG_3783.jpg

Went to a temple after that, nice architectures.

IMG_3785.jpg IMG_3794.jpg IMG_3801.jpg

Lunch was ... okay I guess. Went to the set of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and toured around the Wuxi lake.

IMG_3809.jpg IMG_3817.jpg IMG_3823.jpg

A short boat trip on the Wuxi lake. Dinner after that wasn't filling so we went to KFC and bought burgers \O/

IMG_3828.jpg IMG_3841.jpg IMG_0174.jpg

Part 2 coming up soon when I like it ;D
Long lost picture of Tontoro Ramen @ Ajisen, the broth was awesome =D;


Photos from a celebrities-filled wedding dinner?!;

28012010355.jpg 28012010354.jpg

Saw FW, CL, CHW, ML, 933 DJs~~~ etc

Yummy first cold dish and dessert lol, lazy to upload pics from in between;

28012010356.jpg 28012010365.jpg

It was a pretty interesting and entertaining night =3

Claypot rice near IMM and ... the sad lonely remanent of our durian tree ;_;

31012010367e.jpg 01022010371e.jpg

Man, there's something wrong with the internet connection here, can't log in ANZ bank and takes FOREVER to upload a photo from there =A= *kicks Ginger* <- yeah the name of the wireless network here.
Here's the pictures taken when I was in Vietnam [Ho Chi Minh City];

It's a bit random because I re-sized the pictures from the digital camera first before the ones I've taken with my mobile phone.

Brunch provided by SIA during the short [1 hour and a half] flight and a trip to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels =D;

vietnamtrip_1.jpg vietnamtrip_2.jpg

Look carefully at the sharp and deadly bamboo sticks =A= [even deadlier than Hayate's lol];

vietnamtrip_3.jpg vietnamtrip_4.jpg

Bomb shells left by the US army during the war and one of the door to the tunnels [SOOOOOO SMALL!!!];

vietnamtrip_5.jpg vietnamtrip_6.jpg

A fish trap ... ouch and curry pasta from the flight back home =D;

vietnamtrip_7.jpg vietnamtrip_8.jpg

Back to Ho Chi Minh City again lol and the room of the hotel we were staying [3 of us];

vietnamtrip_9.jpg vietnamtrip_10.jpg

First late lunch/dinner at my uncle's restaurant and look at the number of scooters/motorcycles circled =O;

vietnamtrip_11.jpg vietnamtrip_12.jpg

The supermarket and the night market [Ben Thanh Market];

vietnamtrip_13.jpg vietnamtrip_14.jpg

Pork rib Pho for breakfast at the hotel and a walk in the dry goods market;

vietnamtrip_15.jpg vietnamtrip_16.jpg

Lunch at a Hainanese restaurant and a trip to the casino at Sheraton Hotel [Why aren't we staying there :<];

vietnamtrip_17.jpg vietnamtrip_18.jpg

A nice building [Not sure what it is] and a trip to the local Lacoste outlet [Kinda scary to see a bunch of crocodiles huddled together with their mouths open];

vietnamtrip_19.jpg vietnamtrip_20.jpg

Back in Singapore and taking the sky train back to T2 [Parked our car there and the plane landed in T3 :<]

vietnamtrip_21.jpg vietnamtrip_22.jpg

Random pictures from home xD

An awesome lunch at IKEA [Tampines Outlet] <3 the chicken wings and Swedish meatballs, can't forget the S$1 hotdogs =D;

homelalala1.jpg homelalala2.jpg

Homemade breazza [Bread+Pizza] and the CNY plants [Get them at IKEA, Giant and NTUC! Not Cold Storage because our competitor got the tender for it :<]

homelalala3.jpg homelalala4.jpg

More of the cacti and potted plants back in the jungle;

homelalala5.jpg homelalala6.jpg

That's all folks, hope you enjoyed the photos =D
Hey there! Back from Genting Highlands ... sucky trip cos it was rainy and foggy, can't even go out to play in the outdoor theme park :< Anyways, here's the last part of 'last days in australia & back in singapore' post.

12122009201.jpg 12122009202.jpg

Went to Harbour Town, a good place for shopping I guess and our Lunch @ Nando's. My burger and my family's chicken and rice. And that night's dinner, instant noodles and mushrooms =D

12122009203.jpg 12122009207.jpg

It's time to go back to Singapore, had Red Rooster's breakfast which was quite good at Brisbane International Airport. And the first dinner back in Singapore =D some kinda transparent noodle soup ... which tasted kinda starchy.

13122009208.jpg 13122009213.jpg

My home in somewhere amazing I guess =x Set up my PC table;

14122009214.jpg 14122009215.jpg

First lunch in Singapore, it was awesome as usual ;D and my PARROT *hugs*;

14122009218.jpg 14122009219.jpg

Jungle still in renovation ... building a waterfall ;D and then went for some vegetarian dinner;

14122009222.jpg 14122009224.jpg

Condo in Balestier ;D somehow the rooms are bigger than my jungle in renovations =A=! SUCKS!

16122009227.jpg 16122009236.jpg

Fish steamboat @ Whampoa ;D

16122009238.jpg 16122009239.jpg

Finally the new Sony Vaio Z and Lenovo lappy side by side =D


Currently using the sony lappy to play L4D2 because my lenovo lappy graphic card sucks while Acer PC has no connection and ... shuts down when it gets too hot :<

And that's it.

Random vulgar-filled rants about Genting trip;

the malaysian immigration officers @ Johor Bahru are money-faced bastards, they refused to let my second bro and cousins (2 boys as well) through the customs just because they THINK that the passports don't belong to them or whatever the photos don't look alike. I mean what the fuck? One of my cousins went to Italy just DAYS before this trip and the other cousin and my brother to Japan 2 months ago. How can that be possible? The boys were the last to go through the customs, the adults and the rest of us were already at the other side waiting for them and we were like 'Why are they taking so long?'

My mum went to take a look and received news that the fucking bastards refused to let the boys in. So the boys were stuck at the malaysian customs. The bus driver even said that there is no choice, so they will arrange a taxi to take the 3 boys back to Singapore. Another what the fuck moment, both our parents and my cousins' parents are WITH us on the trip, how can we let 3 boys, two 18 and one 15-16 back alone? My uncle threatened to cancel the trip and go back all together, fuck the trip.

So how did we settle this problem?

Gave RM$100 (SGD$40) to the malaysian immigration officers.

They are plainly out to get money for CHRISTMAS or something. Go fuck your Christmas arseholes. What fucking bastards. So everything is solved with fucking money? What happened to the 'Oh, I suspect that the passport doesn't belong to you, so i'm not letting you in?'


Motherfucking bastards, they even asked my dad to the fucking office to get the fucking money. Disgusting fucking behaviour I tell you. I hope they fucking get herpes or lose the money. I would rather BURN the money than give it to them. Fucking bloody money sucking bastards and fat bitch who stopped them.

I understand that these 'incidents of bribery' are no surprise, especially with the traffic police or something but seriously, INNOCENT TEENAGERS who did NOTHING WRONG. I'm still pissed, god damn disgusting behaviour and there's nothing the malaysian government can do to stop this because money makes the fucking world go round.

Well done, ASEAN, well done.

2009.12.02 fuckityfuck
a 4 [pass] in mktg3501 THIS SUCKS ... now my transcript will looking fucking ugly with that 4 among the 5s and 6s. SUCK SUCKSUCKCUSCKCUSCKCUSKCUFUCKFUFKCUFCUCKCKCUFKCC *pissed*