2010.04.26 hotel city
a little addicted to hotel city \O/


2010.01.19 long time no see.
hi there, I have some overdue Vietnam trip photos [from 8-10 January] that I'm lazy to share. Not that I have much to share because my uncle warned me about people snatching mobile phones when taking photos =O

I was like OZMG *stuffs hp in pocket* and I refused to take it out and even if I did, I used both hands to grasp it hard and look around for potential suspects lol.

Anyways, until I get not so lazy, here's a photo of the chubby cute cat here in the farm;


yeah, that's my head over there lol, I know it's blurish, well, what do you expect? I was nervous hahah.


currently at surfers paradise <3 awesome place, we're going to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary tomorrow xD. bloody expensive AUD$44 per adult ...


the view from our apartment =O 21st floor;


and lastly, tonight's dinner! surf & turf [steak] at seafood empire ;D we also bought a lot of tim-tams over at woolworths lol, white, black forest delight, cookies & cream, honeycomb and mint crisp.


gotta have hog's breath tomorrow night or something wheee. used almost 1gb of bandwidth today lol, man 2GB bandwidth 7 days for SGD$60+ ... damn expensive as well. but i just can't live without the internet haha. oh well, gotta sleep, cya.

I'm lying on my bed as I'm typing this entry lol, eh just had a conversation with dad over the phone, car rentals, serviced apartment bookings and stuff.

Overdue photos of UQ's refectory ;

07112009075.jpg | 07112009076.jpg

I had my services marketing paper two weeks ago on a Saturday [yes, a damn paper on a freaking weekend] MORNING [8am] and I realized that they had finished renovating the refectory. Kinda cool. It looks WAY better than it used to be, more spacious, AIR-CONDITIONED, lively and brighter. The downside? I'm freaking graduating this semester and I don't get the chance to buy any stuff from there :<

07112009077.jpg | 19112009078.jpg

Anyyways, more pics of food, I think this was my brunch after my last paper [Product Brand Management] which was a total FUCKED UP. That bleecccchhh, totally gave us the wrong signals, saying topics that are important but never came out during the exam, I mean wth? It's okay for her to mislead us!? Bullshit. No one likes her anyways, should had done that lecturer/course evaluation :<

Dinner that night, its Mexican night with TACOS, nachos and burritos.


Went to school to download animes and play FB games yesterday, the view was good in the bio-sciences library, lol not many people were there and <3 air-con. I wanted to buy a macbook pro but decided not to after some hard thinking. I can use that money to buy a kick-arse gaming PC when I get back ;D or spend on some luxurious accommodation here in Brisbane for my parents and aunt.


It's sad that my brothers are not coming :< morons both of them, I don't believe they favour studies over travelling overseas lor, they're just cowards D< So it's just my parents and my aunt which is good cos too many people = bothersome.

Foodie pic from Japan [Courtesy of Chuz] ;


Omg, I wanna go Japan too :< Now, what to do for two weeks ... maybe I should had flown back to Singapore and back for my convocation on 8/12 lol. It's sooooo bloody hot here!!!
It sure feels like my exams is over ... actually I felt that way last week lol after my strategic marketing paper, i was like OZMG I WROTE FREAKING 11 PAGES IN 2 HOURS! I still left out part d somemore =A= no time. What was I doing!?

anyways, tonight's yes tonight, 5.45pm paper, i was hungry even though i bought 2 sandwiches for lunch/dinner, i was still hungry so i finished my mcq in what, eh 15mins, did my essay in another 1 hour and left the examination hall 30mins before the paper end ;D

wasn't happy with the group report results :< should had gotten a 35/35 or something, damn. aaanyways, one more paper to go .. 19th lol felt like i had already studied for it during that mid-sem test ... guess i should go read the textbook again hm, the lecture notes sure feels useless.

oh, dad just called earlier while i was about to rush for dinner lol. the doctor gave mum the okay to travel |O| yay, i get to see my family in less than a month's time =D can't wait. i wanna go back already, miss home... ;_;