2010.06.18 random june

I just finished this ;D ... yes yes it took me months.

cos I was playing Plants vs Zombies \O/ ;

cool.jpg insane.jpg

2010.04.19 new room =3
Picture 1

me, soft toys, KK etc in new room.

Picture 1

me, my e.guitar and my keyboard. <3

2010.03.20 video!
O/ long time no blog. been ... not sure what I had been doing for the past month lol, spending time with family I guess =D gotta find a job soon ugghhh

Meanwhile, Imma share some awesome pictures of my jungle! When it's fully furnish, I'll ul a video of the place ... looks like a freaking bungalow now. A far cry from the kampong-like house I used to live in lol. I get my own room too =3 Kinda used to it since I've been living in a single room in brissy for almost 2 years.

<3 the huge and majestic manga/book shelf. Somehow it's still not big enough for my collection heh. Luckily I bought a step-stool from IKEA or I'll never reach the top xD. My humongous wardrobe ... I think I can fit 5 of me inside O_O

IMG_0035.jpg IMG_0036.jpg IMG_0038.jpg

The ladder to heaven in the store-room =D, the small toilet :< and the out-door jaccuzi--- not really, it's a huge fish-pond :<

IMG_0044.jpg IMG_0050.jpg IMG_0054.jpg

Went to IKEA ... uh 2 days ago? Had the awesome Swedish meatballs, chicken wings and $1 hotdogs \O/ and I love this armchair from IKEA, gonna get one to put it in my room, I hate people sitting and messing up my bed :<

IMG_0060.jpg IMG_0061.jpg

An amusing discovery by fish;

IMG_0066.jpg IMG_0068.jpg

Dinner =D, fish's huge tissue thosai and my tandoori chicken and naan set =3 along with my godzilla drink on the top;

IMG_0072.jpg IMG_0074.jpg

The next morning's breakfast ... vegetarian kway chap and teh =D. A trip to chuz's attachment workplace at science park and saw these awesome liquid nitrogen filled pipes!

IMG_0075.jpg IMG_0076.jpg

BK @ IMM later while family went to select mattresses and washing machine. finally ended with dinner at ah mei's before zooming back home to watch cruel temptations hahaa.

IMG_0080.jpg IMG_0081.jpg

seriously thinking of learning to play an electric guitar ... I've been putting this off for wayyyyy too long. sent an email to inquire on e.guitar starter kit i saw on standard value but there's no red colour anymore :< NOOOO I LIKE RED, BLUE IS UGLY! gasps $390! with the additional upgrade of the 10W AMP to 15W. the squier package at swee lee is even more ex =A= almost $900 ... hmm the peavey package sounds intriguing though ... $599

decisions decisions decisions.

imma turn my room into a jamming stage *inserts rock on image*