2009.08.31 presents from japan
Got the parcel kano sent sankyu, it's nice =D

31082009016e.jpg 31082009018.jpg

Yes, I'm naming the Fortune Cat (Maneki Neko) after Kano lol. It shall be abbreviated as K.K for Kano-Koi LOL. That's for not getting me the $$ cat :<

Oh I like omamori ;D it will bring good luck to me for tomorrow's presentation since I had a dream this morning that I screwed up the presentation. Just in time too, must be fate.

Rice bowl keychain xD *grabs chopsticks*


Something interesting I found in the parcel xD, brochures for a restaurant's kiddie meals (and another for car tyres) were used as the box's wrappings. The meals in the brochure look so appetizing *_* if I were a kid and my parents got this meal for me, I'll definitely eat them lol.


I took these while I was waiting for friends of my friends to pick us up just now. The branches were a nice contrast to the blue sky and white clouds =D

31082009014e.jpg 31082009015e.jpg 31082009013e.jpg

I will miss the blue sky here :< you don't get to see such awesome vast of blue in Singapore, all I see were buildings, more buildings, glaring light and the sun. On top of that, the hot humid weather makes you so cranky that you don't wanna enjoy looking up at the sky lol.

Oh did I mention the awesome stars in the dark night here (Australia) as well? They're so freaking amazing =D