hey there, how's cny holidays going? Here's part 2 of the samui trip =D

I forgot where we were but the views were awesome;

IMG_3601.jpg IMG_3607.jpg

The "Grandfather" rock ... I can see where its name come from lol.

IMG_3608.jpg IMG_3611.jpg

The "Grandmother" rock ... Okay... lol. After that we went to the see mummified monk =O the tour guide said that no preservatives or chemicals were pumped into him nor the box he was in was sealed ... and amazingly his body was preserved like that for over 40 years.

IMG_3616.jpg IMG_3618.jpg

The disappointing waterfall ._.

IMG_3621.jpg IMG_3627.jpg

And here's our lunch =3 the mango salad was damn spicy xD and the hor fun was salty :<

IMG_3630.jpg IMG_3631.jpg

Tom Yam soup and after that, went to see the Big Buddha;

IMG_3632.jpg IMG_3643.jpg

And our dinner for that night, it was pretty good;

IMG_3652.jpg IMG_3653.jpg

It's time to go back =D, was at the open-air airport and mum was shopping as usual despite the scotching weather =A=

IMG_3655.jpg IMG_3658.jpg

In the aircraft, an Airbus 319, pretty comforty seats and lift off!

IMG_3661.jpg IMG_3664.jpg

Flight dinner that no one wants lol [had two servings] and one more shot before we land in Changi Airport =3

IMG_3671.jpg IMG_3674.jpg

It was fun I guess, too bad it was my time of the month so I didn't go for a dip in both the sea nor pool :< what a waste ... still it was a good vacation for those who love to sunbath or just laze around watching the sea waves crashing in land.

she's going for chemo after cny, which sucks, but according to the doctor it was quite good already since the last time she went for chemo was last july and the bastards were growing slowly but still growing. hence the impromptu trip to thailand. anyways, she's doing well now ... so must be positive for the future =D