2009.10.07 sad wednesday
had a mid-sem test this morning, 10 short answer questions (10 Marks EACH), well there's one with 5 marks and another question with 15 BUT what's amazing is that you have to finish the whole fucking thing in 1 hour and 10 mins.

Oh wow, you know, in that 1 hour and 10mins, I never THINK at all,, I just WROTE lol. No time to even think of my answers, how to structure it and whatever I used to do during a test (sleeping, daydreaming, sighing etc). Anyways, I didn't do a question and basically the rest are half done or 1/3 done. I dunno, I'm just confident in 3-4 questions. Hopefully I can pass, never thought I had to count on my group project (which is pretty good I should say) and final exam.

Anyways, had curry rice for lunch =D well an early lunch, I skipped services tute and lecture cos I was lazy to go out again after returning back to the dorm. So I stayed and edited a group report and did a bit of my literature review ...


The package has no spoon :< so I had to use the ... box as a make-shift spoon, in the end I used my fingers to scoop everything in my mouth lol. It was nice but NEEDS SPOON, I mean wth!?


Oh, I bought chocolates and to my surprise, I found two of them in one packet! =O LUCKY =D

Hmm, might go MIA this month soon,, so many things to do, so little time. I worry for my conceptual paper and literature review, I'm in a slump ... OTL

I aim for a 5 in every module I take this semester ... maybe a 6 in one, hmm yeah that's about it lol. I don't intend to do honours anymore, I wanna go home and be with my family. If that never happened, I might stay to continue studying but I don't want to waste any time, studies can go fuck itself (I might stay and watch ;D).

Anyways, I'm already (or soon to be) a degree holder, that's the benchmark. Gonna be 23 soon :< and still not much work experience. I can continue studies when I'm bloody 80 or something.
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