my group mates and I were there to film a 30 seconds advertisement for our advertising project, it was fun lol we had mums and the cheerleaders and having them do 'jaw-dropping' scenes and 'cheering' scenes were awesome. The girls were enthusiastic and basically did what we told them to do lol.

Oh while we were there, a bunch secondary school girls were having a sports meet or something and I took this picture while they were warming up xD


Random pics;


I think we used half of the can already lol. Rapid spraying. Oh, and it kinda stinks :< and I thought it's supposed to attract girls ... LIES!


Oh, this is the 'awesome place', it's awesome, in the corner, you can plug your laptop to the TV monitor and we can have a 'mini discussion/presentation' on the spot. The floor is carpet, if you don't mind about the dirtiness, you can roll on it lol.

Random musings;
My family called from Japan this morning while I was in the library lol, they were saying how fun it was in Hokkaido and what they did, the reception was bad and for god's sake, i'm in the library so I was whispering to my hand phone lol. I remembered something about bears, hot springs =A=, souvenirs, internet and cooling weather.

I had this sense of extreme happiness when I heard my mum's voice and she seems to be well and having fun as the phone was passed from one to another as I struggled to listen to what they're saying lol. I don't even feel 'jealous' of them having fun in Japan =A=, the place I wanted to go for AGES. My brother was like, 'heyyyyyyy we saw MANGA and you can't see it~' lol I didn't even go 'DAMN YOU!!' I was like 'Oh? Cool, nice nice.' lol

I want to go too :< I hope this happiness will last forever.

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