2009.11.03 reflections
i'm bored from studying, first paper this Saturday, 8am =A= and I have to return the textbook tomorrow, boo :< going to the library to dl and study i guess.

last week was insane. worked my butt off for the conceptual paper, i managed to typed 4000+ words in less than 2 days lol. Was up all thursday night and friday morning-afternoon before I finally finished the damn thing. Imagine my relief when i submitted the assignment.

after that i was so freaking tired after that that i practically died from 7pm- i forgot 9am? and i was still wearing the clothes from the day before lol. initially i wanted to take a 2 hour nap after dinner but i reckon i hit the snooze button and continued to sleep till next morning xD. woke up feeling really sticky and ... well disgusting and went to bathe before going online =D

hmm what else, so my friday and saturday were wasted just like that. sunday was spent i forgot, watching tv i think lol. monday, went to submit yet another small assignment, that oh i spent sunday doing that small assignment yeah. finished it in 2 hours and it's not that bad.

today, woke up early as well, i can't seem to sleep late these days, must be the lagging effects from the 3-4 cans of energy drinks lol. anyways, woke up early ... read fanfic, tried to read the resource advantage theory journal article by morgan and hunt, died after 2 pages lol. went down to cook the instant pasta for brunch =D which was awesome btw. anddd read another few pages before dying and wandering off to watch tv, read maor fanfics and play cafe world on fb lol.

right, i've really got to start studying tomorrow, read the textbook before returning it hmmm, continue reading RA theory article ... by thurs/fri focus on services marketing and ... then full trottle for strategic marketing. ozmg my friend told me that the lecturer expect us to write 10-12 pages in 2 hours for the paper =A= I was like 'IMPOSSIBLE' friend: 'POSSIBLE!' me: 'IMPOSSIBLE + =A= expression!' lol.

well at least i did the impossible by passing the stupid mid-sem test i had last month, even got a 23/30 =D, which was surprising. the markers either moderated or were freaking lenient with the marking or both. maybe there's hope for that module, since it's the last paper and i have plenty of time to mug for that hmm.

been looping only my railgun =D awesome song. feeling tired ... maybe i should sleep early ...

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