It sure feels like my exams is over ... actually I felt that way last week lol after my strategic marketing paper, i was like OZMG I WROTE FREAKING 11 PAGES IN 2 HOURS! I still left out part d somemore =A= no time. What was I doing!?

anyways, tonight's yes tonight, 5.45pm paper, i was hungry even though i bought 2 sandwiches for lunch/dinner, i was still hungry so i finished my mcq in what, eh 15mins, did my essay in another 1 hour and left the examination hall 30mins before the paper end ;D

wasn't happy with the group report results :< should had gotten a 35/35 or something, damn. aaanyways, one more paper to go .. 19th lol felt like i had already studied for it during that mid-sem test ... guess i should go read the textbook again hm, the lecture notes sure feels useless.

oh, dad just called earlier while i was about to rush for dinner lol. the doctor gave mum the okay to travel |O| yay, i get to see my family in less than a month's time =D can't wait. i wanna go back already, miss home... ;_;
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