2009.12.01 failed katsudon
hi, today I decided to make katsudon, it looks failed but it tasted okay. Well I'm still alive lol.

Hmmm, firstly I defrosted the pork, cut out the bones and since I don't have flour, I used the pancake mixture that was conveniently located in the cupboard haha. Took out an egg, whipped it, coat the pork with pancake mixture [I think I coated too little] and spread it over the egg mixture.

Threw it in the frying pan for I dunno 5-10 mins, flip it a few times until I deemed the pork to be cooked. And I was right ;D After that leave it to dry and soak out the oil in tissue paper. Then chopped the onions, since I have no dashi stock or whatever, I fried the onions, add water and oyster sauce lol. I added chopped mushrooms for good measure =D. Place in the pork on the top and add another egg into the pan.


I used salt and pepper as seasoning whenever I liked it lol. It looks okay on the pan but ...


Looks so failed when I transfer it to my plate :< anddd I don't have rice =A=! Of all days to not have rice ... sigh. Anyways, it was a ... okay first attempt I guess xD. I can't even see the pork among the slump of onions, eggs and mushrooms lol.

Thinking of cooking fried noodles and tonkatsu [try again!] tomorrow =D Hopefully the fried pork will look better heh.
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