The Sea World in Gold Coast!!!~

11122009162.jpg 11122009186.jpg

The view from the mini Cable Car or something and the Volcano Ride which was kinda fun;

Picture 270 Picture 273

Touching Rays and Starfishes;

Picture 279 Picture 283

Sharks =O and the awesome view from the Underwater Aquarium;

Picture 301 Picture 306

The only Polar Bear and a Penguin that looks like a drowning bird lol;

Picture 316 Picture 324

Dolphins Show & Sealion Show =D;

Picture 343 Picture 345

Picture 361 Picture 396

Sat that Jet Rescue ... fast and quite fun lol, made me giggly after that and ... COOKIES that looked like Jo's! LOL;

11122009172.jpg 11122009189.jpg

The Esplanade ;D and cute cupcakes I saw while we were strolling along the beach;

11122009194.jpg 11122009198.jpg

Dinner - Seafood Buffet @ Food Fantasy;

Picture 407 Picture 409

Finally we stopped by Jupiter Casino and wasted AUD$50 lol;

Picture 414

And yes, the security checked my passport but allowed my parents and aunt to enter without checking =A=! Mum said I have a baby face :<

Part 3's more about shopping, Singapore food, home, computers and parrot ;D

PS: A video of me and aunt on the Volcano ride.
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