Here's the pictures taken when I was in Vietnam [Ho Chi Minh City];

It's a bit random because I re-sized the pictures from the digital camera first before the ones I've taken with my mobile phone.

Brunch provided by SIA during the short [1 hour and a half] flight and a trip to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels =D;

vietnamtrip_1.jpg vietnamtrip_2.jpg

Look carefully at the sharp and deadly bamboo sticks =A= [even deadlier than Hayate's lol];

vietnamtrip_3.jpg vietnamtrip_4.jpg

Bomb shells left by the US army during the war and one of the door to the tunnels [SOOOOOO SMALL!!!];

vietnamtrip_5.jpg vietnamtrip_6.jpg

A fish trap ... ouch and curry pasta from the flight back home =D;

vietnamtrip_7.jpg vietnamtrip_8.jpg

Back to Ho Chi Minh City again lol and the room of the hotel we were staying [3 of us];

vietnamtrip_9.jpg vietnamtrip_10.jpg

First late lunch/dinner at my uncle's restaurant and look at the number of scooters/motorcycles circled =O;

vietnamtrip_11.jpg vietnamtrip_12.jpg

The supermarket and the night market [Ben Thanh Market];

vietnamtrip_13.jpg vietnamtrip_14.jpg

Pork rib Pho for breakfast at the hotel and a walk in the dry goods market;

vietnamtrip_15.jpg vietnamtrip_16.jpg

Lunch at a Hainanese restaurant and a trip to the casino at Sheraton Hotel [Why aren't we staying there :<];

vietnamtrip_17.jpg vietnamtrip_18.jpg

A nice building [Not sure what it is] and a trip to the local Lacoste outlet [Kinda scary to see a bunch of crocodiles huddled together with their mouths open];

vietnamtrip_19.jpg vietnamtrip_20.jpg

Back in Singapore and taking the sky train back to T2 [Parked our car there and the plane landed in T3 :<]

vietnamtrip_21.jpg vietnamtrip_22.jpg

Random pictures from home xD

An awesome lunch at IKEA [Tampines Outlet] <3 the chicken wings and Swedish meatballs, can't forget the S$1 hotdogs =D;

homelalala1.jpg homelalala2.jpg

Homemade breazza [Bread+Pizza] and the CNY plants [Get them at IKEA, Giant and NTUC! Not Cold Storage because our competitor got the tender for it :<]

homelalala3.jpg homelalala4.jpg

More of the cacti and potted plants back in the jungle;

homelalala5.jpg homelalala6.jpg

That's all folks, hope you enjoyed the photos =D
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