Long lost picture of Tontoro Ramen @ Ajisen, the broth was awesome =D;


Photos from a celebrities-filled wedding dinner?!;

28012010355.jpg 28012010354.jpg

Saw FW, CL, CHW, ML, 933 DJs~~~ etc

Yummy first cold dish and dessert lol, lazy to upload pics from in between;

28012010356.jpg 28012010365.jpg

It was a pretty interesting and entertaining night =3

Claypot rice near IMM and ... the sad lonely remanent of our durian tree ;_;

31012010367e.jpg 01022010371e.jpg

Man, there's something wrong with the internet connection here, can't log in ANZ bank and takes FOREVER to upload a photo from there =A= *kicks Ginger* <- yeah the name of the wireless network here.
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