hey there, happy chinese new year to all =D as you guys welcome the new lunar new year, here are some pictures I've taken from my trip to Thailand, Koh Samui.

The dinner provided by Bangkok Airways, it's okay I guess. An hour and a half later, we reached Samui Airport at around 10 PM;

IMG_3503.jpg IMG_3514.jpg

We checked in Nora Beach & Spa Resort and was amazed by the bathtub? lol My mum was like TAKE A PIC OF ME IN THE BATHTUB!!!! The huge queen sized bed and being the third party I slept in the single make-shift bed beside which I didn't take a pic of xD;

IMG_3517.jpg IMG_3520.jpg

The morning breakfast buffet at the resort, it was okay <3 and the view of the swimming pool and the beach from our balcony on our resort villa ;D

IMG_3526.jpg IMG_3528.jpg

After that, we went to the 'town' Chaweng but it was so freaking HOT and the sun was shining so brightly that we seek refuge in the shade lol;

IMG_3531.jpg IMG_3534.jpg

The beach/seaside was pretty nice, saw lots of Caucasians around and ... saw two ladies playing volleyball or something with their tops off!!! *_* lol I was like ... >.> ... <.< as they swing around hahaha. They're so bold >.< Had McDonald's for lunch, it was normal as usual.

IMG_3538.jpg IMG_3542.jpg

The view from of beach in the resort we were staying in and waiting for dinner after that;

IMG_3544.jpg IMG_3555.jpg

Here they come =D seafood feast;

IMG_3556.jpg IMG_3559.jpg

Next morning's breakfast and we booked a day trip around the island for 800 Baht each. Went to this Island Safari place where we sat and enjoyed the baby elephants and monkey shows.

IMG_3560.jpg IMG_3568.jpg

Fed the elephants with bananas =D they have ... wet trunks lol. They're pretty well trained, able to slam dunk =O and kick football! LOL. The goalkeeper's [an audience] from Holland and the host of the show was like Thailand vs Holland! xD;

IMG_3579.jpg IMG_3580.jpg

The guy also got a free massage from the baby elephant lol and a monkey on a tricycle xD cute;

IMG_3584.jpg IMG_3587.jpg

And then it's on the elephant we go =A=, it was bumpy lol but FUN hahaha xD.

IMG_3588.jpg IMG_3595.jpg

Oh its 12 AM here in Singapore already~ HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR once again =D.

Part 2 coming up soon along with CNY pictures? See more updates at my twitter account: ichigoyuri.

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