2009.09.03 new template ;D
ate the instant (microwaved) thai red curry rice today, a disappointment lol (small portion =A=!), but then what can you expect from a AUD$3 instant meal? If you're interested, here's how the packet looks like; sunrice's thai red curry.

And what inside looks like;


The taste itself is nice, not spicy at all (tastes like tomato and perhaps a little little bit of chilli powder inside =x), the rice is nice, jasmine rice leh lol. I ate the peas ._. but its tasteless so ... I'll just pretend its not there. Chicken? What chicken? The bits were small and like 3-4 pieces only =A= and it looks perhaps like vegetarain chicken =D. Was hungry after that so I got myself a chunky kit-kat (cookies and cream) for dessert after the lecture.

Guess I have to go back to cooking my own lunch on Wednesdays again. Oh well.

Ah, saw this outside the UQ art museum;


it's cute xD, wanted to take a walk in the museum but there's no time, I was surfing the net with my hp earlier and had a late lunch hehe. Watched videos on youtube and read fanfics on fanfiction.net. Completely forgotten about the advertising textbook I bought to read lol. Went to coles to do a little bit of shopping hm, saw lynx/axe doing a promo there, AUD$5.99 =O.

Oh, axe/lynx is a brand of male grooming product, my group's doing that on our advertising project so yeah xD. The advertisements by them are so sexist and yet funny lol, if you're interested, here's some of it, lynx/axe dry, lynx/axe dark temptation, axe/lynx jet and the best lynx bom chicka lol.
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