I was bored, well not really, I just needed a break from reading those stupid journal articles, textbooks and my group assignment. I wanna tear my hair out =A=


Saw a post in a blog about seiyuu drawing their houses, so I gave it a try as well, it was easy lol. Not drawn to scale though lol the walking space in between is definitely smaller so is the bed, it's only a single. Looked like a queen or even king sized bed here lol.

I could draw my home back in sg hmm. Maybe. Lemme try to recall *goes away*


lol not drawn to scale, the kitchen should be way further from the aunt's room but bleh, I had to squeeze everything inside so ... basically it's around this. But then we're renovating I think so even if you wanna rob me, lol make sure it's by the end of this year ;D

I get my own room soon yay!

Oh, if you're bored too, draw a blueprint of your room/house too!
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