2009.09.20 super mario kart
lol guess what I did yesterday or was it the day before?


buahahaha lol. I feel like bitchslapping the monkey and turtle sometimes cos they kept knocking me off course and my coins :<

I think I cursed like sailor while I was playing it lol. I'm such a 'bad' gamer xD

There are also super mario all-stars, earthworm jim and donkey kong games in the folder hm. I'm tempted to download more games but, no, I'll get addicted so NO.

I need to read more journal articles ugh, the tutor said that she took around 35-40 mins to finish reading a 20 pages journal article. I was screaming. YOU ARE NOT HUMAN!!! in my mind of course. But she's a cool person haha xD, I like her distinctive U.K accent <3 just like the other doing business in europe tutor i had last semester.

anyways, I'm like taking a day to read an article ... I get distracted easily =D

*goes back to reading again*

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